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Composite Decking

Custom Composite Wood Decking

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Composite Decking

Composite Decking Boards Near Me - Los Angeles

Choose a highly resilient composite decking material for your property and enjoy its many benefits. Our Los Angeles deck installation service offers an enormous range of products to choose from for the perfect composite deck solution. We stock all types of materials, including Trex decking and other composite wood options. No matter what type of deck you want at your property, our deck installers will get the job done right. You can start today, free of charge, with a no-obligation consultation.

Why Composite Decking?

Wood has been used for thousands of years as a building material. It has many problems, such as susceptibility to moisture, insects, and rot. Craftsmen have worked hard to stop these problems, but their solutions are all maintenance-intensive. With composite decking, these problems never even occur. Instead of plain timber, this material is created from a mixture of wood and various other low maintenance materials. That prevents the composite deck from rotting. It also stops insects from boring into it. High-quality composite decks still look attractive, though. And it’s hard to tell that they’re not made from timber but composite wood. 

Fast Composite Deck Installation

We’ve been installing decks for many years. That means no matter what the job is, you can be certain that we’ll get it done without any hassle. Our deck layers have solved every problem countless times, so there won’t be any problems installing your composite deck. Our team installs everything, even complex installations such as multi-level decking. Our local composite deck installers have over a decade of experience decking backyard patios, above ground pool areas, and more. You can turn to us for a low cost, high-quality composite deck for any Los Angeles area house or business.

Los Angeles Composite Deck Repairs

Although composite decking is very strong, it can be damaged. Accidental impacts are a common cause and can result in splintered planks. Damage like this, or any other sort of problem, can be fixed by our team of deck repair specialists. If you’re searching for deck maintenance near you, it’s us that you need to contact. We’ll provide you with an excellent price on deck repairs, and make sure your problem is taken care of quickly. For broken deck railings, planks, and other issues, we’re the team you can trust to get the job done.

Low-Cost Custom Deck Designs

Your new deck needs to suit your home. With many years of experience designing decks for Los Angeles homes and commercial properties, we can get the best out of your new exterior deck installation. From simple decks to multi-level composite decking installations, our experts will design the ideal unit for your property. We offer an enormous selection of deck accessories too. Deck lights make it easy to use your new composite deck as long as you like. Our range of composite deck railings is perfect for keeping you safe, or simply leaning on as you enjoy the view. Made-to-measure decks are an amazing investment for your home and should be high on any homeowner’s list of home improvements. 

Decks With Outdoor Living Features

Remember, the decking, composite or otherwise, serves as a surface area extension. You can do much more with it. Perfect for outdoor living feature additions, composite decking can offer excellent build up options. You can add an outdoor kitchen with a BBQ island to have cookouts in your backyard. Combine that with a paver fire pit nearby and you’ve got quite a fun arrangement to cook and dine outside. You can also have our Los Angeles contractors install a composite above ground pool deck to enrich the aesthetic and utility of your backyard.

Composite Decking Contractors Near You

If you’re thinking about getting a new composite deck installed, go ahead and give us a call. Our friendly team of Los Angeles composite deck installation contractors is always ready to discuss your requirements. And offer free quotes and complete estimates on all our work. Get in touch today to see how little it could cost to install the deck of your dreams at your home or business.


LA Custom Decks & Shades is here to help you with a wide range of home improvements. From new Trex composite decking with railing to building above ground pool decks, pergolas with motorized canopies and various outdoor living features. 


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