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Patio Covers

Patio Covers Designs In Los Angeles

With the many benefits and potentials of patios and decks, proper shading and coverage become paramount. You need to have adequate protection from harsh sunlight so you can enjoy your outdoor lounge spot regardless of the time of day. And that’s where patio covers come in. You can choose to have attached wood or aluminum patio covers custom-built to provide constant shading 24/7. But what about adjustability and versatility? Well, with motorized patio covers and deck canopies, you can change the status of shade in your outdoor areas with the push of a button. We specialize in making custom motorized patio covers for Los Angeles area decks, patios, gazebos, and more. With our free estimate appointments, we help customers pick and choose the features and aspects they want for their new patio covers. Below we’ve summarized the benefits of some of the most popular options.

Patio Umbrellas & Free Standing Patio Shades

Talk about décor! Many are familiar with the decorative touch of patio umbrellas which create a shaded spot connected to a rigid base. These can have ornate designs that add a cool aesthetic to the deck or patio hardscape. You can single out a specific spot with this shade setup, thus adding utility as well as style. However, patio umbrellas don’t often cover large surface areas, more suitable for smaller spots to add shade to. You can get larger ones, but they’ll require a larger base, and longer arms as well. Our Los Angeles contractors have many patio cover ideas to implement both in the umbrella design and many other freestanding outdoor shades styles. You’ve got more choices than you might think, so it’s worth getting a free consultation to learn the price ranges and the design options.

Aluminum Patio Covers

The rigid and lightweight nature of this metal patio cover makes it very attractive. Aluminum patio covers also cost a lot less than some other hard materials, and require no special maintenance the way, say, wooden patio covers might. Acting as a reflector as well, aluminum patio covers can help reduce heat. Provided that they’re applied with the right coating on the bottom side, that is. There’s also the matter of noise to consider. If you’ve got trees looming over the deck or courtyard, an aluminum patio cover can make a lot of noise when things fall on it. Cats, who love climbing and jumping on things, can also create such a ruckus, as will birds, which cats will likely prowl for.

Beautiful Wooden Patio Covers Custom-Built

For a sense of aesthetics, wooden covers for patios can really take the cake. This attached setup can have a variety of designs to complement decks, gazebos, and patios in classic ways. Wooden patio covers will flaunt a lovely décor, true, but they’ll require regular maintenance to maintain their aesthetic. Wood needs protective coating against rot and warping, so that’s another avenue of expenses or efforts. With custom-built wooden patio covers, you can add to the aesthetic of your Los Angeles decking or patio area. That way, you maximize décor while also benefiting from full shading. Of course, repairs can take longer and cost more with wooden patio covers, so that’s another factor to consider.

Custom Covers For Los Angeles Patios

With all the different options you’ve got for patio covers, you can understandably find yourself contemplating more than a few. Well, here are some more! You can also go for collapsible covers like pop-up canopies for patios, porches, and decking. The benefit of freestanding outdoor shades and patio covers lies in portability and quick utilization. You can move them to different spots depending on the angle of the sun in the sky, thus keeping yourself protected all day. Naturally, free-standing patio covers won’t provide as rigid a coverage as built-in setups will. But their lighter weight and transportability make for fast deployment and functionality. Strong winds can pose a problem, depending on the structure and the base. But for pop up canopies and general outdoor shades for your Los Angeles property, these free-standing patio covers can get the job done and then some!

Motorized Patio Covers & Canopies

Now we’ve come to the latest technological innovations in outdoor shades and canopies. With motorized patio covers, you can do more than keep yourself shaded at all times while outdoors. Your Los Angeles backyard patio and deck also get a boost to their aesthetics. Design options aplenty make for an excellent variety of options for motorized patio shades. Remote control patio covers give you the option to add or reduce shade however you want. You can also implement brightness sensors to have your motorized patio covers roll out automatically as needed. With Wi-Fi smart Somfy motorized patio covers and canopies, we create made-to-measure outdoor canopies with remote controls that you can enjoy with absolute leisure. For the best deals on made-to-measure patio covers and canopies, give us a call and book your free estimate.


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